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Services A-Z (100)

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Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Powerful editing and creation software from Adobe

Answering and Ending Call

Answering and Ending calls on Trinity's VOIP system.

Audio Recording

Audio recording tools and services


Bitdefender Antivirus for Faculty & Staff

Antivirus software provided for employee workstations & personal computers

Bitdefender Antivirus for Students

Antivirus software provided and recommended for student computers


Call Forwarding

How to forward your calls to another phone.

Campus Computer Labs

Trinity's computer labs (general and academic/departmental)

Campus Wifi

Authenticated and guest access to the campus wifi network

City Vista Apartments

TV, internet, and other tech information for City Vista residents

Classroom Technology

ITS provides support for classroom technology across campus

Cloud Storage

File storage that is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed over the internet from anywhere

Computer Security

Steps for maintaining computer security and privacy protections

Conference Calls

How to make a conference call.

Creative Spaces

Spaces available for reservation or use on the first floor of the library


Digital Signage

How to request and maintain department or building digital signs

Discounted Software

Software that students and employees may purchase at a discounted price

Dorm Cable

Dormitory cable TV service for students


Education Advisory Board (EAB)

Trinity staff, faculty, and students can create accounts to access EAB administrative research and resources.

Electronics Recycling

ITS provides recycling services for university-owned electronic equipment

Ellucian On-Demand Subscription Library (ODSL)

ODSL is an online training platform for Ellucian products (Colleague).

Emerging Technologies

Inventory of available emerging technologies (e.g. 3D printers, VR)

Equipment for External Groups

Available equipment and services for non-Trinity groups

Equipment for Faculty & Staff

Available equipment and delivery service

Equipment for Students

ITS provides cameras, tablets, recorders, etc. for checkout

Equipment Policies

Policies concerning equipment requests, use, and replacement


Faculty & Staff VOIP

Campus phone system used by Trinity employees

Faculty Guide

ITS services and tools for Trinity faculty

Free Software

Licenses from Trinity provide installation of some software on your personal computer



Trinity staff, faculty, and students can create accounts to access Gartner IT research and resources.

General Info and FAQ

Found here are user guides and how to's for the VOIP phone system.


Trinity's email service (Tmail) runs on Gmail

Google 2-Step Verification

How to use the required 2-step verification on your Tmail account

Google Calendar

Trinity's official calendar app for faculty, staff, and students

Google Docs

Cloud word processor built for collaboration

Google Drive

Cloud storage for backing up and accessing your files from any device

Google Forms

Cloud survey or quiz app built for collaboration

Google Hangouts

Chat and video conferencing app built into Gmail

Google Sheets

Cloud spreadsheet app built for collaboration

Google Sites

Powerful WYSIWYG app for building a website

Google Slides

Cloud presentation app built for collaboration


Help in the Classroom

How to get assistance with classroom tech use or setup.


Identity Protection

Follow these recommendations to keep yourself safe from identity theft.

Information Security Guidelines

Steps to take to protect your professional and personal information

IT Project Requests

Project submission process

IT Projects 101

How to plan and submit a project request

ITS HelpDesk

When in doubt, contact the ITS HelpDesk! They provide support & referrals for campus technology.


Lecture Capture

Options for recording lectures in and out of classrooms

Lightboard Room (CSI 458)

The Lightboard Room offers a simple yet high-tech way for faculty to record lectures

Watch training videos on your computer or mobile device


Manufacturer Discounts

Personal purchase discounts for Apple and Dell

Material Delivery

Software and technology options for delivering lessons to students


Platform and language built for engineering and mathematics projects and visualization.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel


Network Storage

Storage drives on Trinity's servers

New Student Guide

Technology and account quick-start guide for new Trinity students


Qualitative data analysis software available for install on personal and Trinity-owned devices.


Password Guidelines

How to create strong passwords and change your Trinity passwords

Philo IPTV & HBO Go

Provides mobile TV access to faculty, staff, and students

Placing a call

How to guide on different ways of placing a call.

Poll Everywhere

App that powers interactive meetings, events, and classes.

Printing for Faculty & Staff

Campus printer setup for faculty & staff workstations

Printing for Students

Use a campus computer lab or your own device to print files at print stations

Production Price List

Service details and price lists for ITS multimedia professional production & recording

Purchase Request

This is still in development



Powerful online survey and data analysis tool


Remote Access

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to log into a Trinity desktop from anywhere

Reporting Issues

How to report issues with department or personal equipment, software, or systems.


Security & Privacy Policies

Policies concerning technology security and user privacy


Data and statistical analysis software for in-depth research

Staff Guide

ITS services and tools for Trinity staff

Student Computer Service Center

A walk-in computing service center for all currently enrolled Trinity University students.

Student Computers FAQ

Student computer specs recommendations, repair options, and more

Student Guide

Quick links for current Trinity students

Student Phones

Trinity provides general-use phones in student dorms

Supercomputing (HPC)

ITS offers an environment that performs at the highest operational rate for scientific and big data research needs


Tech Training Lab (HAS 340)

Upgraded technology training lab located in HAS 340

Tiger Card

Your Tiger Card acts as a university ID, building access card, and point-of-sale card.


TigerPAWS allows you to access private student or employee information.


Email listserv for general community discussions, recommendations, and sales.


Trinity's 24/7 television station for instructional use


Trinity's learning management system for courses


Trinity's email system for faculty, staff, and students

Transferring a Call

Guide to transferring calls.


An emergency text messaging service used to communicate emergency information.


Streaming video service for instructional use by faculty

Trinity Computers - Faculty

Computer workstation options for Trinity faculty

Trinity Computers - Staff

Department workstation options for Trinity staff

Trinity Devices

Information for employees issued mobile phones for work

Trinity PhishBowl

How to spot phishing emails and examples of previous phishing attacks


The campus calendaring and room reservation system.

TU Life

Mobile app that allows students and employees to access private information on the go.

TU Network

Your unique TU Network credentials are used to control access to several campus services


Use Policies

Policies concerning the proper use of University systems and IP

Using Hold and Resume

Putting calls on Hold and then Resuming them guide.


Video Conferencing

Several bookable spaces are equipped for enhanced meetings or video conferences

Video Editing Software

Available software that offers powerful video editing tools

Video Recording

Video recording tools and services

Visitor Guide

Trinity wifi and services for campus guests


Accessing voicemail, and the key codes associated with it.


Workshops & Events

ITS sponsors campus events and participates in orientation for students and employees