DUO (Multi-Factor Authentication)

We use Duo MFA to protect your information on Trinity’s applications. Duo MFA uses a second source of validation, like a phone or tablet, to verify the user’s identity before granting access. DUO is an application available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and its one-time setup per validation device makes it simple and easy to use. 


     Set Up DUO (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    Log In Using Duo MFA

           Option 1: Using Duo Push

           Option 2: Using Duo Passcode

     How to add a new device

     How to get help


Set Up DUO (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Note: If you change devices, you must register the new device. 

Part one must be completed on a computer browser, and part two on a mobile device and on a computer browser. 


Part One

Step 1: Open a web browser on your computer and go to https://trinityu.login.duosecurity.com.


Step 2: Enter your email address and click on Next.


Step 3: Enter your password, and click on Log in.


Step 4: You will see a series of screens; read them and click Next on all of them. 



Step 5: You will get to a screen where you can select how you want to login to Duo. We recommend selecting Duo Mobile.

The example below is for Duo mobile.


Step 6: Enter your phone number and click Continue



Step 7: Confirm your phone number, and click Yes, it’s correct


Step 8: Download the Duo mobile app on your mobile device, and click Next


Part Two

Step 9: Follow the instructions on the Duo mobile app



How to get help

  1. New Device

    • We have enabled the Duo Instant Restore (which requires a user to set it up on their device), allowing Mobile App settings to be backed up and restored on a new or replacement device.

    • Currently, there is no way to self-register a new or replacement device if Duo Instant Restore isn’t enabled, so if you need to set up a new device, please reach out to ITS to reset the account.


  1. Account Lockout

    • If a user locks out their Duo account (10 failed attempts), they will need to reach out to ITS to have the account reset.



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