ITS/AV Event Equipment Checkout Procedure for Student Organizations

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The objective of this procedure is to establish a streamlined ITS/AV event resource checkout process for the following Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) under the direction of Student Engagement & Development:





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  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and their designated representatives will be required to pick up their requested audiovisual equipment in-person for all RSO events. As outlined below, RSOs must reserve AV equipment through T-SPACE.


  • University-Sponsored Organizations (USOs) and their designated representatives will be required to pick up their requested audiovisual equipment in-person for the following events:

    • All events with event start or end times outside of ITS normal business hours (i.e. evenings after 5p, weekends, or holidays)

    • Events with expected attendee counts below 30


This procedure aims to ensure efficient equipment availability, proper handling, and accountability while maintaining a user-friendly experience for all RSOs. 



  1. Equipment Reservation:

    1. RSO T-SPACE Coordinators must initiate the AV equipment reservation process by creating an event reservation in T-Space (link) and selecting the desired equipment under the “Event Resources” section. To view available equipment, click on “Search Filters” – “Categories” – “Academic Technology” – “Done” – then “Search”.

    2. RSO T-SPACE Coordinators should provide relevant information, including their name and TigerID (or the name and TigerID of the RSO representative who will be picking up the AV equipment), desired reservation locations and dates, expected attendee count, and any additional AV requirements (added in the “Instructions” section of the resource requested)


  1. Availability and Confirmation:

    1. The ITS AV Support team will check the availability of the requested equipment during the desired reservation period. 

    2. The RSO T-SPACE Coordinator will receive confirmation of the reservation along with the pickup location, return date/time, and any additional instructions.

    3. To best ensure availability of equipment, it is required that resource requests be made at least one week prior to the event.

      • We cannot guarantee availability for equipment requests made within a week up to 48 hours prior to the event. 

      • Any equipment requests made within 48 hours prior to the event shall be automatically denied. (THIS 48-HOUR RULE SHALL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!)


  1. Equipment Pickup:

    1. Requested equipment will be made available for checkout 24 hours prior to the start time of the event. The RSO representative shall visit the ITS Service Desk, located on the 1st floor of the Coates Library during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8a-5p).

      • If the event takes place outside of normal business hours (i.e. past 5p, weekends, holidays), equipment will be available for checkout from the opening of the business day preceding the event.

    2. The RSO representative, or another designated member, must present a valid TigerCard and any other required identification to verify their eligibility for equipment checkout. The ITS Service Desk representative will review the procedures with the RSO representative and answer any questions they may have.

    3. The ITS Service Desk will review the reservation details, check out the requested equipment in the library’s database, and provide the RSO representative with the requested AV equipment.

    4. The RSO representative should carefully inspect the equipment to ensure it is in proper working condition. Any existing damage or issues should be reported immediately to the ITS Service Desk.

    5. If the RSO representative has any questions or concerns regarding their equipment reservation, contact the ITS Service desk at (210) 999-7409 or send an email to


  1. Equipment Usage: 

    1. The RSO, as an entity, is responsible for the proper use and care of the AV equipment during the reservation period. 

    2. Equipment should only be used for approved event purposes and not be loaned to external parties without explicit permission. 

    3. The RSO representative should familiarize themselves with the equipment's operation by referring to provided manuals or seeking guidance from the ITS Service Desk if needed. 

    4. The RSO representative should promptly report any technical issues or malfunctions encountered during usage to the ITS Service Desk.


  1. Equipment Return: 

    1. The RSO representative must drop off and return checked-out AV equipment to the ITS front desk on the 1st floor of Coates Library no later than 12p of the next business day after the event.

    2. The RSO representative must return all checked-out equipment and accessories in good working order, including any cables, adapters, remote controls, or any other accessories provided during checkout. ITS staff will inspect all equipment at check-in for damage.


  1. Late Returns and Extensions: 

    1. RSO’s and their representatives shall adhere to the specified return date and time. Late returns may result in penalties, restrictions, or denials on future equipment reservations. 

    2. If an extension is required, RSO representatives must notify the ITS service desk no later than 48 hours prior to the event start time to request an extension. Please refer to Sec. 2c of this procedure regarding availability timelines.


  1. Equipment Maintenance and Repairs: 

    1. The ITS AV support team will be responsible for routine maintenance and minor repairs arising from normal wear and tear of the AV equipment. 

    2. The RSO representative shall report any technical issues encountered during their reservation period promptly. The ITS Service Desk will address and resolve the problems accordingly.

    3. If any damage, caused by negligence or abuse of the equipment, or missing parts/accessories are not returned at check-in, the RSO, as an entity, may be held responsible for repair or replacement costs. Charges will be based on the current market price for replacement items.


  1. Penalties: 

    1. The RSO, as an entity, must comply with all regulations and ethical guidelines regarding ITS/AV equipment usage. 

    2. Failure to comply with the established procedures, misuse of equipment, or intentional damage may result in penalties, fines, restrictions, or denials on future equipment reservations.

    3. ITS reserves the right to modify or terminate equipment checkout privileges based on repeated violations or abuse of this procedure. Student Engagement & Development shall be notified of a recommendation for disciplinary action for egregious violations or abuse of this procedure.



This checkout procedure shall not apply to event reservations located in the following locations:

- Skyline Room

- Holt Center

- Laurie Auditorium

- Stieren Theater

- Ruth Taylor Recital Hall 

Events in these locations should have equipment set up prior to the event, provided that the equipment resources were adequately requested in the T-Space event prior to the 48-hour deadline.


How to get help

Contact the ITS Service desk at (210) 999-7409 or send an email to



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