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Information Technology Services offers review for new technology purchase requests for campus environment compatibility, standard and non-standard equipment, and software.  




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Trinity ITS Service Desk, ITS Technology Procurement




Technology quote, purchase, and new master service agreement.


  • Technology requirement assessment

  • Computer Hardware (Desktops, laptops, tablets)

  • Computer accessories (Monitors, laptop batteries, dock stations)

  • Printers (Network Printers)

  • Network Hardware, software, devices

  • Software licenses or Service agreements (Seat License, Subscriptions, Site)



ITS Service Desk Review

Review technology requests for environment compatibility. Determine if the hardware, software, or service will be the best solution for the user’s requirements and whether the request is for standard ITS equipment. If the request is for a non-standard item, the request will need to be reviewed by the manager for Technical Support & Client Services. If the manager approves the purchase request for Technical Support & Client Services, the ticket should be forwarded to the ITS Technology Procurement team.



ITS Procurement Queue

The ticket should be sent to the procurement queue once the ITS Service Desk member completes the requirements review and confirms the required solutions and purchase. Please follow the steps below to send them to the ITS Procurement team. 


  • Change the Kace ticket Category to ‘Purchase Request/Quote.’

  •  Select the sub-category of Hardware/Software/Other

  • Leave the Owner field blank. This will send the ticket to the ITS Procurement queue. 

  • Select the Summary / Predefined Response: ‘Purchase Request / Quote Template’ and fill in the information per the template. Please do not delete or overwrite the template, but add the requested information next to each field name. Additional information may be included to help with a smoother purchase process. 


Client Information:

  • Client Name:  
  • Need by date
  • Location (s):  


Hardware, software, or Service details:

  • Item Needed (Description, MFG part number, computer device specs):  
  • Quantity: 
  • Is Maintenance or warranty needed:
  • If Apple products, is engraving needed? If yes, what should it say?
  • Engraving has two lines: Line 1 & Line 2 (Each line has a 32-character limit)


Department Budget Information: 

  • Client's Work Day tag Information:
  • If this is a Project: Is it Capital or Sponsored? 
  • Project ID:


Eligible Items:

These are items that ITS Procurement can purchase—computers, laptops, tablets, technology peripherals, software licenses, and new technology service agreements. 


Primary Service Providers Used:

Dell Technologies (Computer Hardware, Peripherals)

Apple (Computer Hardware, Peripherals)

CDW/Government (Computer/Network/Printer Hardware)

GovConnections (Printer Devices)

Bluum (Audio/Video)

B&H (Audio/Video, Network Hardware)

Computer Solutions (Cisco Contracts/hardware/software)

E&I Marketplace (Online Marketplace for HESS Members - Diverse portfolio)



Ineligible Items:

ITS Procurement cannot purchase these items and will need to be bought by the departments—non-technology items and office supplies for external customers outside the ITS department. Non-standard items include cell phones, cell phone or wi-fi service plans, apple charges, wireless mice, keyboards, and other items.



New Master Service Agreements 

These are considered non-standard requests and should be reviewed by the Technical Support & Client Services manager.


Once the request has been reviewed, and the hardware, software, or technology service is compatible with Trinity's environment, send the ticket to the Procurement Request/Quote category. (Follow the ticket process provided in the ITS Procurement Queue para.)


  • ITS procurement team will review the request to ensure no other agreements or product types are already available on campus. 

  • New agreements will need to be reviewed by the Risk Group. The customer will receive the Security and Risk Assessment Intake form to begin the process. 

  • Link:



Non-ITS Managed Service Agreements

These are agreements paid by the department’s funds. ITS Procurement will review if similar product types are available on campus and inform the customer of any findings. The customer will be provided the Risk Intake form link to submit the agreement to the Security and Risk board to review.

 ITS Procurement will close out the ticket once the information has been provided to the customer. If software installation is required after the agreement is purchased, the customer should treat this as a new request for software installation.



ITS Managed Service Agreements 

These are agreements that are paid out of the ITS budget. ITS procurement will facilitate the agreement transactions between the customer, service provider, and Risk team. Once all transactions are complete and the fully executed agreement is received and added to the ITS Master Contracts database, the ticket will be closed.



Reference - Trinity University Policy


ITS Technology Acquisition Policy, Document Number: ITS-0008, Revision #: v3.0.



Flow Charts 


Purchases made by ITS on behalf of customers

Purchases made by customers with department funds



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