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Information Technology Services offers review for new technology purchase requests for campus environment compatibility, standard and non-standard equipment, and software.  




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Trinity Faculty and Staff



Technology quotes and purchase services are available for the following:


  • Technology requirement assessment

  • Computer Hardware (Desktops, laptops, tablets)

  • Computer Accessories (Monitors, laptop batteries, dock stations)

  • Printers

  • Network Hardware, software, devices

  • Software licenses or agreements (Seat License, Subscriptions, Site)


Request Details

Include as many purchase details as possible on the ticket requests. This will help reduce back-and-forth questions on the proposal, which could cause delays in purchases.   


Client Information:

  • Client Name:  

  • Service Needed:

  • Need by date: 

  • Location (s):  


Hardware, software, or Service details:

  • Item Needed (Description, MFG part number if available):  

  • Quantity: 

  • Is Maintenance or warranty needed:

  • If Apple products, is engraving needed? If yes, what should it say?

  • Engraving is a complimentary service, with two lines with a 32-character limit each.


Department Budget Information: (Please provide the client’s budget information in case the new purchase is not covered by ITS)

  • Client's Work Day tag Information:

  • If this is a Project:

  • Is it Capital or Sponsored?

  • Project ID:


Service Provider Partners

Dell Technologies (Computer Hardware)

Apple (Computer Hardware)

CDW/Government (Computer/Network/Printer Hardware)

GovConnections (Printer Devices)

Bluum (Audio/Video)

Computer Solutions (Cisco Contracts/hardware/software)

E&I Marketplace (Online Marketplace for HESS Members - Diverse portfolio - technology, facilities, office equipment, furniture)


Purchasing Consortium

Why go through the ITS Service Desk for all your technology purchasing needs? 


  • ITS Service Desk can review requirements and access which solution best fits each need. This will also ensure that the new solution is compatible and works within ITS environment standards. 


  • ITS Service Desk will help facilitate the purchase. Once they’ve reviewed the technology requirements, they will forward the purchase requests to the ITS Business Operations/Technology Procurement team, which maintain contracts with suppliers and service providers that may have pre-negotiated discounts for hardware, software, and service agreements.  We also hold membership contracts with various Higher Education Consortiums for Trinity University. We will leverage our memberships to obtain discounts to provide our clients with the best prices possible.


Reference - Trinity University Policy

ITS Technology Acquisition Policy, Document Number: ITS-0008, Revision #: v3.0.


How to get help

If you have new technology hardware, software, or services requirements, please get in touch with the ITS Service Desk at or call x7409.



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