VoIP Phones

Voice over IP phones transfer phones over the internet. 




    How to use

          Placing a Call

          Answering a Call

          Ending a Call

          Transferring a Call

          Call Forwarding

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Trinity Faculty and Staff. 



Trinity uses a Cisco Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system for all on-campus voice communications, including the phones found in campus offices. 


How to use

Call on-campus numbers by simply dialing the four-digit extension number and act as campus-wide notification systems in the case of emergencies.


For off-campus local numbers, use 9 before the phone number. 


For off-campus long-distance numbers, use 91 before the phone number. 


Placing a Call

Dial on-hook 

  • As you enter a number, the AutoDial feature may pop up and display matching phone numbers, if available, from your placed Calls log. 

  • Press the Navigation button to access and choose phone numbers from your Placed Calls log. 


To place the call, do one of the following to go off-hook: 

  • Lift the handset 

  • Press the Speaker button or Headset button. 

  • Press Dial.

  • Press a Line button. 

  • Press the number on the touchscreen that you have just entered. 


Dial using the speakerphone 

  • Press New Call and enter a phone number, or you can press the Speaker button before or after dialing, redialing or speed dialing a number. 

  • Many of the actions you can take to dial a number will automatically trigger speakerphone mode, assuming the handset is in its cradle and the Headset button is off. These actions include: pressing Redial, a speed-dial number, or a phone number on the touchscreen. 


Redial the most recently dialed number 

  • Press Redial. By default, Redial uses your primary line. However, you can open a secondary line by pressing a Line button and then pressing Redial. 


 To speed dial a number 

  • Press a Speed Dial button before or after going off-hook. 


Dial from a call log 

  • Press the Directories button > Missed Calls, Received Calls, or Placed Calls. To dial from a listing, press the number or scroll to it and go off-hook. 

  • To add a prefix or other digits to the number before dialing, press Edit Dial. 


Dial from a corporate directory 

  • Press the Directories button > Corporate Directory (exact name may be different). Search for a listing in the directory using the keypad to enter letters. (You may search using a partial name). To dial from a listing, press it or scroll to it and go off-hook. 


Placing a call while another call is active 

  • Press Hold > New Call, then dial, redial or speed dial a number. 


Dial on a secondary line 

  • Before or after dialing a number, press the Line button for the line you want to use. 


Answering a Call

Answer with headset 

  • Press the Headset button if unlit. 

  • Press the Answer or flashing Line button if the Headset button is lit.


Switch from a connected call to answering a ringing call

  • Press the Answer or flashing Line button. This action automatically places the first call on hold. 


Ending a Call

Hang up while using the handset 

  • Return the handset to the cradle or press End Call.

Hang up while using the headset

  • Press the Headset button if lit. To keep headset mode activated, press End Call. 

Hang up while using the speakerphone 

  • Press Speakerphone or End Call. 

Hang up one call while preserving another call on the same line

  • Press End Call. If necessary, remove the call from hold first. 


Transferring a Call

  • During a Call, press the Transfer soft key. This action places the call on hold. 

  • Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call. 

  • When you hear ringing, press the Transfer soft key and hang up when the party answers. 

  • If the party refuses the call, press the Resume soft key to return to the original call. 


Call Forwarding

  • Press the CfwdAll soft key. You should hear two beeps. 

  • Enter the number to which you want to forward all your calls. A flashing right arrow appears in the upper right-hand corner of the LCD, indicating that all calls are being forwarded. 

  • To cancel call forwarding, press the CfwdAll soft key. You will hear a beep. 


Using Hold and Resume


Put a call on hold 

  • Make sure the call you want to hold is highlighted and press Hold. 


Remove a call from hold 

  • Make sure the call you want to remove is highlighted and press Resume or the blinking Line button. 


Have multiple lines on hold

  • Press a blinking line button. If necessary, ensure the call you want to remove from the hold is highlighted and press Resume. 


Conference Calls

Step 1: During a call, press the More soft key and then the Confrn soft key. This action automatically selects a new line and places the other party on hold. 


Step 2: Place a call to the other party. 


Step 3: When the call connects, press the Confrn soft key to add this person to the conference call. 


Repeat steps for additional parties. (You can have up to five callers). 


How to get help

If you forgot your voicemail password or have questions about Tmail, please contact the ITS Service Desk at ITSupport@trinity.edu or x7409.



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