Dorm Cable

ITS manages the campus cable TV service, the satellite downlink system, contracts with commercial suppliers for Trinity's cable service, and Stream2 IPTV. Cable TV service is provided to almost all buildings on campus, including classrooms, residence halls, and other academic buildings.


Click here to view a channel lineup provided in every dorm room.

In addition to the channels listed there is also access for Tiger TV (Channel 13) and Tiger TV 2 (Channel 15).

  • If that link does not work you can also check online visit and then: 
    • TV Listing" > "Change Location" > enter ZIP 78212 > "Trinity University - Cable (San Antonio)

* Channel line-up subject to change
** Coaxial cables are not provided
*** Digital-ready television is required to view this programming

Digital TV Requirements

  • a television with a QAM 256 digital tuner 
  • a standard 75-ohm coaxial television cable




Why do I only get channels up to Channel 13?

Most TVs have a setting to switch reception between "Off-Air" / "Antenna" and "Cable." On most TVs, the default setting is not "Cable," but that is the setting you need in order to receive all the channels on the campus television system. Please make sure your TV is set to "Cable" (or "CATV" or "HDTV," depending on the make) using the menu options. Once this setting has been changed, you may need to re-scan for channels following the instructions above.


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