Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online application that enables live interaction with any audience, big or small. With nothing more than a big presentation screen and a room full of mobile phones, you can spark a lively conversation that includes everyone. You create the questions and invite the audience to respond by visiting a webpage or texting. The response chart changes in real time as you watch.

Poll Everywhere has many practical uses academically and administratively. If you want to learn more about how Poll Everywhere is being used on campus or how it could be used, we will soon be offering more information, training, and support.



Trinity faculty, staff, and students


Getting Started

To use Poll Everywhere, sign in using your Trinity network account credentials to create* an account.

* if you made an account using your Tmail address in the past, please contact us so we can switch that account to our paid license domain - you will get an error message if you try to log in using the link above if your account already exists!


Getting Help

If you have any questions about using or accessing Poll Everywhere, please contact us. Poll Everywhere also offers a robust online Support Center for additional assistance.




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