Printing for Faculty & Staff

Most departments on campus have at least one wired printer connected to the Trinity Internet network for Trinity faculty and staff use. Please note that many different models are in use, so ITS cannot offer troubleshooting support for every printer on campus. Wireless printing is only supported on printers that are connected via Ethernet to our network. Most printer manufacturers don't support connecting printers to the wireless network using your user name.



    Connecting to a network printer - Windows

    Connecting to a network printer - Mac

    How to get help

    How to get help with Lanier Copiers




Trinity Faculty and Staff.


Connecting to a network printer - Windows



  1. Type printers into the search bar located on the bottom left side of your desktop in the taskbar, and press the Enter key.





  1. From the Printers & scanners window, Click on Add a device





  1. After Clicking on Add Device, Select the Printer that you are needing to print from


If you use a Lanier Printer, here are the additional steps to add the code:  


  1. While still in the Printers & Scanners window, locate the Lanier printer/scanner/copier device icon associated with ITS-Eastland (i.e., ITS-Simba on ITS-Eastland).  


  1. Using the mouse, left-click Manage.



  1. Next, select choose Printing preferences


  1. Next, select the  Detailed Settings tab


  1. Next, select Job Setup


  1. In Job Setup, locate a field labeled User Code. 


  1. In that field, type in your department’s user code (the same code used to login to Lanier device for scanning or copying documents).




Connecting to a network printer - Mac

Please contact ITS for assistance.


How to get help

If you have questions about an office printer, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or x7409.


How to get help with Lanier Copiers

ITS does not support Lanier Copiers. If you need assistance with a Lanier Copier, email and provide the following information: 


  • Knight Office Equipment ID( on front of copier)   

  • Location     

  • Contact Person/phone     

  • Problem with copier



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