Lecture Capture

"Lecture capture" describes any technology that allows instructors or staff to record and archive a classroom lecture presentation and then make it available digitally for students or others to watch remotely and on-demand. Currently available options for lecture capture on our campus are described below.



Echo360 combines the essential active learning components of lecture capture, student engagement, instructional content management, and learner analytics. Captures can be scheduled to take place automatically or can be manually started by request. The system records video of the presenter concurrently with the presentation content from his or her computer and presents the result as side-by-side synchronized windows or as a single window with picture-in-picture.

Students can review the recordings on their own time and at their own pace. At present, the hardware for this system is permanently installed in the following room. Future expansion is planned.

  • CGC 126 (Chapman Auditorium)
  • EHCL 330 (Collaborative)
  • CSI 437 (The Treehouse classroom)
  • Marrs-McLean 257
  • Northrup 040

In addition, a software plugin is available on request for any classroom or office computer that will allow a faculty or staff member to record content and publish it to the Echo system for sharing with students.




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