Lecture Capture

"Lecture capture" is the process of recording classroom lectures or presentations and making them available remotely and on-demand.

Echo360 combines the essential active learning components of lecture capture, student engagement, instructional content management, and learner analytics. Schedule Echo360 captures to take place automatically or use manually. The system records the presenter's video concurrently with the presentation content from their computer and presents the result as side-by-side synchronized windows or as a single window with picture-in-picture. Students can review the recordings on their own time and at their own pace.



          Classroom Availability

          Personal Capture

          How to login

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Trinity Students, Faculty, and Staff.


Classroom Availability


The hardware for this system is available in the following classrooms:




Coates Center


Coates Library


Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) 

102, 104, 204, 205, 337, 430, 437, and 448.

Dicke Smith 

218, 320, 347, and 351

Holt Center


Margarite B. Parker Chapel 


Northrup Hall

040, 214, 216, 218, 232, 312, 314, 318, and 332

Richardson Communication Center 

319, 320, and 405. 

Ruth Taylor Theater 

301, 303, and 316.


102, 103, 110, 112, and 114.

William Bell Center

223, 224



Personal Capture

Echo360 includes Personal Capture, which allows for desktop capture. Desktop capture refers to computer screens' video (and usually audio) capture. The audio is commonly a voice-over from a microphone used to capture speech over PowerPoint slides or other documents. Personal Capture is available from any PC or Apple device. Once uploaded to the cloud, these videos can be placed in Canvas or shared directly with students.


To get started with Personal Capture, please click here



How to login


Step 1: Open a Chrome or Firefox browser to https://echo360.org.


Step 2: Enter your Trinity email address, and click Submit. 



Step 3: Enter your TU network credentials and click Login.



Step 4: On the Information to be Provided to Service page, confirm your information, select an information release consent duration, and click Accept. (This page will only show up the first time you are logging on to a new computer or have cleared your browser cache.)




How to get help

If you have a question about Lecture Capture or need assistance with your course sites, setting up semester-long lecture recordings, or any other questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk at itsupport@trinity.edu


Access Echo360 support resources below. 

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