Getting Help from ITS

Trinity University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technical support to all faculty, staff, and students of Trinity University. ITS is dedicated to supporting the technology needs of all users by providing general information on common technical issues and excellent customer service.


      How to Contact ITS



                   Request Help

                   How to get updates on incidents and service requests



                Common Supported Issues

                Non-Supported Issues

                Priority Level & Response Time



How to Contact ITS



To get assistance from Information Technology Services (ITS) visit one of our 2 conveniently located ITS Service Desk locations:

  • Coates Library 1st Floor
  • Coates Library 3rd Floor



You can also get in touch by email or phone:

Email us at 

Call us at 210.999.7409 (x7409)

Please provide the following information to provide the best and most expeditious service: 

  • Complete contact information (Phone number and E-mail).

  • Device or application in which you are experiencing the issue.

  • A concise description of the issue or request, including any error messages.


Request Help



How to get updates on incidents and service requests

  • After submitting a ticket, the client receives an email from with the incident/service request details and awaits contact from the ITS team assigned to their ticket.

           If you do not receive an automated response, call 210-999-7409.


  •  ITS replies to the ticket via Kace, which alerts the client via email, or ITS contacts the client via phone, chat, email, etc. using the information provided by the client.


  •  Until the ticket is resolved:

    • ITS updates the ticket via Kace, which alerts the client via email, or ITS updates the client via phone, chat, email, etc. using the information provided by the client.

    • The client has the opportunity to contact ITS by calling 210-999-7409 or emailing if they wish additional information. 


  •  When ITS resolves the issue:

    • The client is informed about the status via email, phone, in person, or chat.

    • The Ticket is closed, and a survey is sent to the client.


Self Service

Explore our ITS Service Catalog and our Knowledge-base (KB) articles.


Common Supported Issues

Outages: ITS system outages, network/wifi outages, or error messages (Faculty, staff, and students)

Workstation issues: Issues with Trinity-owned computers, tablets, or phones (faculty and staff only)

Classroom technology Issues: issues with standard classroom technology equipment or equipment you have checked out from ITS. 

Lab issues: issues with computer lab equipment (faculty, staff, and students)

Special AV Requests: processed through T-Space

Student Computer Support includes:

  • Trinity Owned Software Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Wifi Setup on phones and computers


Non-Supported Issues

ITS does not support faculty, students, and staff hardware on their personal devices. We highly recommend that faculty, staff, and students use the warranty for hardware support on their personal devices or use independent computer repair businesses


Priority Level & Response Time 

The general campus community and Information Technology Services agreement allows users to understand our commitment to providing support related to the services outlined in this ITS Service Catalog. ITS uses the priority/impact matrix below to prioritize all requests. Our operating hours, available on the homepage of this service catalog,  will impact our response and resolution time.



Response Time

Resolution Time


Many people cannot work.

15 Minutes

Until Resolved


Many people are inconvenienced, work can still be performed.

1 Hour

8 Hours


One person cannot work.

2 Hours

16 Hours


One person is inconvenienced.

4 Hours

24 Hours


Contact ITS


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