Lightboard Room (CSI 458)

The Lightboard Room (CSI 458) is a comprehensive flipped classroom workroom. It is designed for ease of use for faculty who want to incorporate flipped classroom elements (video or audio recordings) into their instruction. The LED-illuminated glass allows the instructor to mark on the Lightboard* while maintaining the ability to directly address a camera directly. The method of recording is streamlined to only include a single button and a USB hub. Without having to consider framing and camera operation, the instructor is free to focus on the lesson being recorded.


Trinity faculty

ITS Light Board Room (CSI 458) Quick-Start Instructions:

1. Request the key to the room from the ASO office in CSI.

2. After entering the room, you will see two controls on the wall to the left of the door as you stand facing it within the room. The one closest to the door is a button control for the room lights. The other is a switch that turns on the power to all Light Board equipment including the recording lights. Flip this switch up to turn everything on.

3. On the cart under the display, you’ll see a square box with the word “Echo” on it and an LCD touchscreen with a red Record button showing on it. Swipe a finger left-to-right across it below the red button. In the resulting menu, tap “Recording”, then tap “Copy Media to USB” to toggle it to “Yes.” Swipe twice left-to-right to return to the main screen. IMPORTANT NOTE: this step must be done before EVERY recording.

4. Insert a USB flash drive into the port on the back of the Echo unit. (There are several USB flash drives available for your use on the table; they’re black and look like large flat keys.)

5. Turn off the room lights by pressing the button on the light control nearest the door.

6. Press red button to begin recording.

7. When the recording is complete, press the square white button on the Echo unit’s screen to stop it. WAIT until the recording has been copied to the USB media and the word “FINISHED” appears at the top of the screen. This can take several seconds, and it may appear that the recording has not immediately stopped. This is normal; you don’t need to press the Stop button again.

8. Remove the USB flash drive from the Echo unit and copy it to your laptop or other destination of your choice. The recording will be in a subfolder inside the “Echo360” folder on the flash drive. When you have completed transferring and verifying your recording, you can delete it from the flash drive if you wish. Be aware that the black USB drives provided in the room are available to any user of the room, so your recording might be seen by others if you don’t delete it.

9. When you leave the room, please be sure the turn off the main power switch (the switch that powered on the equipment in step 2). Please leave the room lights on and be sure that the door locks behind you.



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