Trinity University Network Credentials

Trinity University provides all active students, faculty, and staff with unique access to our network and services,  available with your Trinity University Network Credentials. 

This account is referred to in a few different ways, including: 


  • Trinity Credentials

  • TU Credentials

  • Network Credentials

  • TU Network


These user accounts aim to confirm a person's identity so they can access limited-access Trinity resources, like TU Secure wifi, lab computers, workstation computers, network storage drives, or library databases. 


ITS aims to simplify access to resources by allowing users to use the same username and password for various services while simultaneously protecting those resources from unauthorized access. Due to this, we have specific password requirements for these accounts. If you would like to learn more about our password requirements, please click here.

Please note that Trinity University Network Credentials are not the same as Tmail credentials.

     New Students

    New Employees

    Enroll for Self-Service Password Reset

    How to get  help


New Students 

After submitting your enrollment deposit, you will receive a checklist in your admissions portal. The expected date for receiving your temporary credentials for both T-Mail and Trinity University Network accounts will be on this checklist. You will receive these credentials within the admissions portal.


New Employees 

After receiving your Trinity ID number from Human Resources, ITS will create your T-Mail and Trinity Network accounts. ITS will send your account information directly to your department administrative assistant. 


Enroll for Self-Service Password Reset 

If you want access to reset your Trinity Network password, visit, and Enroll


How to get help

If you need help accessing these two accounts for the first time or want to check on the status, please contact ITS  by emailing or calling 210.999.7409.




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