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Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and more

Trinity's learning management system for courses

TUAccess is replacing the TUDevice network and TUGuest.

TUAccess is a Wifi Network for guests, students, faculty, and staff personal devices. Devices like XBox, Playstations, Smart Assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, will need to register using the portal. Devices will be registered once the user logs in to TUAccess.  To pre-register devices, go to the Trinity BYOD Registration and Management Portal.  The portal must be accessed from a Trinity network. 

TUAccess is also available for campus guests. Guests do not have to register devices.

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to log into your Trinity desktop from anywhere and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your Trinity University-owned device to connect directly to the on-campus network.

Antivirus software provided for employee workstations & personal computers

The Server Provisioning service provides virtual machines or servers for requesting departments depending on requirements after approval and vetting.

ITS services and tools for Trinity staff

Provides wire and wireless access to the Internet for the Trinity campus. Access is available in and around the campus building.

Your unique Trinity University Network Credentials are used to control access to most non-google applications and services

Granting access to email encryption services per request and approval.

Course and instructor evaluation tool

ITS services and tools for Trinity faculty

Trinity University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technical support to all faculty, staff, and students of Trinity University. ITS is dedicated to supporting the technology needs of all users by providing general information on common technical issues and excellent customer service.

For ITS assistance, fill out the form below, email or call 210.999.7409.

Provides and develops online and in-person training for ITS products and services.

Accountable property refers to the Trinity issued IT equipment assigned to you. This includes laptops, desktop, monitors, etc. Please complete this form to indicate what assigned equipment you will take off campus for purposes of working from home. This form must be on file with ITS prior to taking your equipment off campus.

App that powers interactive meetings, events, and classes.

Supports and assists with connecting safety equipment to the network and ensuring this equipment can communicate adequately. This equipment includes Cameras, Code Blue phones, door access, mass communication, the voice system, and fire alarms.

Qualtrics is a respected and powerful web-based survey system for building and distributing surveys for research. It also includes sophisticated data analysis tools for sifting through survey results.

ITS will diagnose and work on computers and/or peripherals. We do not work on personal computers.