My Recently Visited Services

ITS services and tools for Trinity faculty

Licenses from Trinity provide installation of some software on your personal computer

Trinity's email system for faculty, staff, and students

ITS services and tools for Trinity staff

Available equipment and delivery service

How to report issues with equipment, software, or systems.

Software that students and employees may purchase at a discounted price

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to log into your Trinity desktop from anywhere and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your Trinity University-owned device to connect directly to the on-campus network.

Student computer specs recommendations, repair options, and more

When in doubt, contact the ITS HelpDesk! They provide support & referrals for campus technology.

Structure of Trinity's PMO for technology projects

Trinity wifi and services for campus guests

Provides mobile TV access to faculty, staff, and students

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and more

Here is a list of items you might need when on campus

The campus calendaring and room reservation system.

Antivirus software provided and recommended for student computers

How to forward your calls to another phone.

Mobile app that allows students and employees to access private information on the go.

Authenticated and guest access to the campus wifi network

Upgraded technology training lab located in EHCL 101Y

Streaming video service for instructional use by faculty

A walk-in computing service center for all currently enrolled Trinity University students.

How to identify your machine name, edition, and version