Popular Services

Trinity's learning management system for courses

Your unique Trinity University Network Credentials are used to control access to most non-google applications and services

Streaming video service for instructional use by faculty

Authenticated and guest access to the campus wifi network

Licenses from Trinity provide installation of some software on your personal computer

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and more

Here is some information on how to set up Duo MFA.

ITS provides support for classroom technology across campus

Software that students and employees may purchase at a discounted price

How to log into a system using Duo

When in doubt, contact ITS! They provide support & referrals for campus technology.

Available equipment and delivery service

Trinity's email system for faculty, staff, and students

Storage drives on Trinity's servers

Project portfolio application submission process

Sign up for ITS Faculty Training

Provides mobile TV access to faculty, staff, and students while on campus

Antivirus software provided and recommended for student computers

ITS services and tools for Trinity faculty

Campus phone system used by Trinity employees

Personal purchase discounts from Apple, Dell, and other companies

Student computer specs recommendations, repair options, and more

Trinity's LMS platform

Spaces available for reservation or use on the first and third floors of the library