Popular Services

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to log into your Trinity desktop from anywhere and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your Trinity University-owned device to connect directly to the on-campus network.

Your unique TU Network credentials are used to control access to several campus services

Trinity's learning management system for courses

Streaming video service for instructional use by faculty

Trinity's email system for faculty, staff, and students

When in doubt, contact the ITS HelpDesk! They provide support & referrals for campus technology.

TigerPAWS allows you to access private student or employee information.

Storage drives on Trinity's servers

ITS services and tools for Trinity faculty

Technology and account quick-start guide for new Trinity students

ITS services and tools for Trinity staff

Quick links for current Trinity students

ITS sponsors campus events and participates in orientation for students and employees

Licenses from Trinity provide installation of some software on your personal computer

How to create strong passwords and change your Trinity passwords

Authenticated and guest access to the campus wifi network

Powerful editing and creation software from Adobe

Personal purchase discounts from Apple, Dell, and other companies

ITS provides support for classroom technology across campus

Project submission process

Several bookable spaces are equipped for enhanced meetings or video conferences

Campus phone system used by Trinity employees

Antivirus software provided for employee workstations & personal computers

Mobile app that allows students and employees to access private information on the go.