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Trinity University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technical support to all faculty, staff, and students of Trinity University. ITS is dedicated to supporting the technology needs of all users by providing general information on common technical issues and excellent customer service.

For ITS assistance, fill out the form below, email ITSupport@trinity.edu or call 210.999.7409.

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to log into your Trinity desktop from anywhere and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your Trinity University-owned device to connect directly to the on-campus network.

Your unique Trinity University Network Credentials are used to control access to most non-google applications and services

Technology and account quick-start guide for new Trinity students

Storage drives on Trinity's servers

Trinity's computer labs (general and academic/departmental)

Trinity's email system for faculty, staff, and students

App that powers interactive meetings, events, and classes.

Information Technology Services offers many consulting options involving technology assistance and operational solutions to assist the university in assisting its goals.

Information Technology Services offers review for new technology purchase requests for campus environment compatibility, standard and non-standard equipment, and software.

We inventory and manage all Trinity IT equipment. Any purchases, changes, or decommissioning of Trinity technology must be reported, verified, and records updated.

Granting access to email encryption services per request and approval.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and more

Powerful editing and creation software from Adobe

Access technology and other professional development video courses

Options for recording lectures in and out of classrooms

Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more

ITS provides support for classroom technology across campus

Digital Signage aids in increasing engagement among students, faculty, and staff by targeting content to various audiences by location.

File storage that is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed over the internet from anywhere

Quick links for current Trinity students