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Services or Offerings?
Student computer specs recommendations, repair options, and more

A walk-in computing service center for all currently enrolled Trinity University students.

Antivirus software provided and recommended for student computers

Technology and account quick-start guide for new Trinity students

Quick links for current Trinity students

ITS provides cameras, tablets, recorders, etc. for checkout

Use a campus computer lab or your own device to print files at print stations

Trinity's email system for faculty, staff, and students

Mobile app that allows students and employees to access private information on the go.

Software and technology options for delivering lessons to students

TigerPAWS allows you to access private student or employee information.

Software that students and employees may purchase at a discounted price

Trinity staff, faculty, and students can create accounts to access EAB administrative research and resources.

Dormitory cable TV service for students

Provides mobile TV access to faculty, staff, and students while on campus