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Found here are user guides and how to's for the VOIP phone system.

Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more

Antivirus software provided and recommended for student computers

Trinity's computer labs (general and academic/departmental)

Dormitory cable TV service for students

ITS provides cameras, tablets, recorders, etc. for checkout

When in doubt, contact the ITS HelpDesk! They provide support & referrals for campus technology.

Personal purchase discounts from Apple, Dell, and other companies

Technology and account quick-start guide for new Trinity students

Qualitative data analysis software available for install on personal and Trinity-owned devices.

How to create strong passwords and change your Trinity passwords

How to guide on different ways of placing a call.

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to log into your Trinity desktop from anywhere and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your Trinity University-owned device to connect directly to the on-campus network.

Your unique TU Network credentials are used to control access to several campus services

Policies concerning the proper use of University systems and IP