Class Climate


Class Climate is an evaluation tool developed by Scantron. As configured, this on-premise platform allows Trinity to conduct voluntary and anonymous course and instructor evaluations after each semester.




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Trinity Staff.



Class Climate is a web-based service accessible at any time from any device. 


How to login

  1. Go to Class Climate


  1. Enter your Department Credentials and click on OK



Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

Click here to view the Class Climate user guide. 



Who do I contact for an extension or an early evaluation?

  • Academic Affairs:

  • If an early evaluation is approved, you can add your course manually, and AA will coordinate with ITS to prevent duplicates.

  • You will need to run your instructor reports manually if your extension extends beyond when grades are due.

    • This report works just like the Chair’s report but chooses the “Send PDF” option instead of “Print PDF.”


Who do I contact if the course is not listed in Colleague, is listed incorrectly, or has extra or missing instructors?


Who do I contact if I’m unsure of which available options to choose from?

  • Please discuss those items with your department chair.


How do I log in?


What do I do about this error message?

  • Is ok to ignore the following errors: 

    • “The Mail Service appears to be incorrectly configured...”

    • “No survey period defined...”


When will courses be uploaded?

  • This process begins the business day following the UG withdrawal deadline


How do I add a missing course?

  • See the documentation, slides 34-39

  • You need:

    • Instructor Name

    • Course Name/Title

    • Course Department, Number, and Section

    • Term

    • Enrollment Count


How do I add a missing instructor?

  • See the documentation, slides 29-32

  • You need the instructor’s:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • TU email


How can I edit a course and/or add passwords?

  • See the documentation, slides 21-27

  • Note the extra steps for adding paper passwords. 

  • If reducing the enrollment, all paper passwords are valid until the cap is reached.


How do I generate surveys?

  • See the documentation, slides 9-11

  • Choose “PSWD based” or “Single password-based” per the instructor’s preference.


How do I share passwords?


Why did an instructor not receive survey results?

  • Check to ensure surveys were generated for this course section.

  • Check to see if any surveys were completed. If the course shows a Status of “In Progress” and the # of Forms shows “000 --%,” then there are no results to share.

    • If there are results, you can click the envelope in the Report column to re-send the report. This report goes to their Trinity email. You can also download the PDF and email it to them as an attachment.


When can I run the Chair’s report?

  • Academic Affairs will notify you by email when these can be run - usually, the day after instructors receive their reports (two days after grades are due).


How do I run the Chair’s report?

  • See the documentation, slides 17-19

  • Ensure you uncheck “Hide surveys with documents that have already been sent.”


Why do I not see any surveys when trying to run the Chair’s report?

  • Ensure you uncheck “Hide surveys with documents that have already been sent.”


How to get help

For extensions and early evaluations, email:

For issues with using the interface, email:



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