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TUDevice allows students to connect devices that do not use 802.1X authentication, like XBox, Playstations, Smart Assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, and other devices that do not support WiFi that requires login information. Students should self-register all their devices since TUDevice will automatically block devices it does not recognize. Students take responsibility for the devices they register and do not register devices for other students. Each student can register up to 10 devices. 

This is a two step process: You will Register your device and connect the device to TUDevice network


Registering a Device

Connecting device to TUDevice

How to connect to most typical devices



For a walkthrough explaining how to complete those steps, please see below: 

Registering a Device


Note: To register a device, you must have your device's MAC address, be on campus, and the TUSecure WiFi.


  1. On the browser of your choice, go to


  1. Log in using your student's TU Network account.

  1. Click on Add to add a device.

  1. Enter device name, MAC address, and optional description. Click Submit.


  1. If your device is already registered or you logged into TUGuest recently, you will get an error (example below). To fix this, contact ITS at to get the MAC address cleared out. Once the MAC address is cleared, add the device again (Steps 3 & 4). 



  1. Verify the information. You can also Edit, Delete or change the device's status. A Lost or Stolen device will be blocked from accessing the network. If a device is found or recovered, it can be re-enabled.


Connecting device to TUDevice

Once your device is registered.

  1. On your device, select TUDevice from the list of available wireless networks. 
  2. Enter the password, "trinityu" (without quotation marks). 
  3. If prompted, accept the certificate. 


How to connect to most typical devices

Generic Device

Connect the device to the Internet via the TUDevice network. Check the wireless TUDevice Network and security key settings before attempting to connect. Key settings should be set to none if they are not automatically set. 


Step 1: Set the Network type to Wireless automatically displays a list of available wireless networks. 


Step 2: Select  the TUDevice network.


Step 3: Enter the TUDevice network password,     trinityu 


Step 4: Select Connect (or similar prompt).


Step 5: The device will attempt to connect to the network. A confirmation message is then shown once the connection is established. 




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