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Google has an extensive Gmail Help Center that you can access and search for specific topics. We have collected the most frequently asked questions below for you to consult when needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I log in to Tmail? 

  1. Open your favorite internet browser to . 
  2. Enter your email credentials: and your email password. (If this is your first time logging into Tmail, please contact ITS at 210-999-7409 for your temporary email password.)
  3. You will be required to change your password immediately the first time you login. 

Is my Tmail password the same as my Trinity network password? 

No. After logging in to Tmail for the first time, you will be required to change your password. It is your option to use the same password or create another password; however, ITS strongly encourages you to create a Strong password as indicated on the status bar in the Tmail password site. Keep in mind that if you change your Trinity network password, your Tmail password will not change and vice versa. More information can be found on the Accounts and Passwords page.

Is Tmail available from another email client (i.e. Outlook, Mail (for Mac), Thunderbird, or Entourage)?

Yes, however ITS recommends that you use your favorite Internet browser so that you can enjoy all the features that are available through Google Apps. Information on setting up Tmail as an IMAP account can be found on the Info and Video Tutorials page or in the Google Help center.

Can I open my email or calendar in a new tab or new window? 

Yes. Right-click on Calendar and Open in a new tab. 

Gmail, Tmail, Google Docs, Google Apps? What are they? 

  • Gmail is email from Google. 
  • Tmail is Trinity email powered by google. 
  • Google Docs are free, web-based documents (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form applications) offered by Google, which are available online from any computer. You can also upload current documents. All documents can be edited (privately or collaboratively) and shared. 
  • Google Apps is a service from Google featuring several web applications similar to email, calendar, chat, documents, and sites with more arriving soon. 

How much space do I have for my Inbox? 

You have 25 GB available for your inbox. 

Can I access Tmail off campus? 

Tmail is available via any internet browser by going to 

Can I access my emails offline? 

Yes, you can by using the Chrome Web Store app Gmail Offline. More information can be found in the Gmail Help documentation

Will my messages "Spell Check" automatically? 

Yes, however, each browser has its own method of indicating misspelled words and providing correct options.

How do I add a color to a label? 

After you create a label, click the 3 vertical dots that appear next to the name of your label and select a color. 

How can I move a message from my Inbox into a label?

Create the label, open the email, at the top menu bar, select Labels, and place a checkmark in your label's box, Apply. 

What are Stars? How do I use them?

Stars are visual reminders on emails that require your attention at a later date. While it's easy to notice starred emails, they can also be accessed in the Star Label on the right side of your inbox.  

How do I add an event/meeting to my calendar or a shared calendar? 

Click on the date on which your event will occur. Select edit event, fill in the blanks and Save. Note: If you are sharing calendars, be sure to place the event/meeting in the correct calendar. 

Can I share my calendar? 

Yes. Directions are found here: Sharing and embedding. 

Can I view another person's availability before sending him/her a meeting request? 

Yes. Use the Find a time feature. 

If I need to modify the time on my meeting or add another guest will it notify other guests? 

Once you've modified your meeting, you will be prompted to Notify your guests or Do not notify guests. 

Where can I find more information about Google Calendar? 

Please visit the Google Calendar Help Center. 

Can I set up my iPhone? 

Yes, Google Sync is supported on Apple iOS versions 3.0 and above. This Google link will give you step-by-step information. You will be able to sync your email, contacts, and calendar from Tmail. 

Are other smartphones able to sync with Tmail? 

Yes, the list of available phones is on Google's site. 

Is my Tmail account secure and private?

ITS is dedicated to keeping your data protected, private, and secure. Google also maintains a strict privacy policy that can be found at their Security and privacy policies site. Trinity University and Google abide by the regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in order to protect users' privacy.

Breaches that compromise a user's data are often the direct result of phishing attacks or weak passwords. Here are some things to remember in order to protect yourself and your data:

You should always select a strong password for your Tmail and Trinity network accounts. It is also recommended you use different passwords for the other accounts in your life (i.e. online banking, Facebook, personal email account, etc.). If one account is accessed illegally or without your knowledge, this will decrease the chances that the others will be compromised as well.

Please understand that it is not the practice of Trinity University to ask students, faculty, or staff to provide personal information over email. If you receive an email from any source requesting your personal login information, account numbers, passwords, or other personal information, please contact the alleged source directly using a contact number you already have instead of any contained in the email. You should never respond to or open a link in an email unless you are absolutely certain of the source.

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