City Vista Apartments

The City Vista Apartments are a new housing option for Trinity University upperclassmen and graduate students. This luxury apartment building is located across the street from campus and will be provided University technology services and support. Here you will find information on apartment internet/wifi, guest wifi, and on-site computers.


City Vista residents (Trinity students)



To connect to your WiFi network please select TUSecure for your computer, smartphone, tablet, and any other device that supports signing in with a user name. For other types of devices, please see our WiFi article. 



Will there be wifi available outside my apartment?

Yes, the network goes throughout City Vista even out by the pool. 

Is this wifi the same as the Trinity campus wifi network?


Getting Help

Whether you have a quick question or need more in-depth support for your Spectrum Enterprise services, they're here for you:

  • Get help online through FAQs and user guides, visit
  • For general product information and related resources, visit
  • Call Spectrum's technical support: 
    • Internet Community Solutions 855-895-5302
  • You may be asked for the account name and address:
    • Trinity University, City Vista, 655 E Hildebrand Ave San Antonio, Texas, 78212, and your unit number​​​​​​
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