How to Request AV Equipment in T-SPACE


Please note that TSS does not service TSpace, but we provide service for the AV equipment you request. All equipment requests should be submitted at a minimum of 24 hours before the event. 


A video tutorial on requesting AV equipment can be found here.


Step 1: Go to the Event Resources section inside TSpace Event.



Step 2: Click on Search Sources, enter the name of the item you are looking for, and click on Search.


Step 2 (a): If you would like to see a list of items available:


  1.  Click on More Options and click on Categories.


  1.  In Categories, select Academic Technology, and click on Done.


  1.   Keep Matching Any Selected and click on Search.



  1. This will list all the technology equipment and the available quantity for that time and date.


Step 3: To request an item, enter the number of items and then click Reserve.

Step 4: Follow the same process for any other items you would like to request.


Step 5: The requested items will appear below

Step 6: If you want to remove any items, click delete or remove on the item.



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