Signing Documents Via Adobe Acrobat DC/Adobe Reader DC

With this option, you can send a document(s) and instruct the person to use Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Reader DC to sign the document. The person signing would follow these steps:

  1. Open PDF form for signature.

    • If the document does not open up automatically to Acrobat or Reader, right-click the document and select “Open With” and then choose the desired Adobe application.

  2. Go to the right-hand-side tools panel and select “Fill & Sign”.

  3. At the top of the page, the “Sign” tool will appear. Select “Sign”.

    • Here you will be able to choose between adding a Signature or Initials.

  4. After selecting “signature”, three options appear: Type, Draw, or Image.

    • Type: you can type out your name and a signature will appear. You can change the style of the signature with “Change Style” located under the signature line on the bottom right.

    • Draw: use your mouse to draw your signature.

    • Image: sign a plain white piece of paper with a pen. Scan signature into the computer as an image file. You can upload the image file and the signature will be copied to the application.

  5. Click apply and the signature appears on the document. You can drag the signature to the desired placement. You can also change the size.

  6. When you click for placement, you will get a message informing you once you apply the signature and save the document you will no longer be able to edit the document. No one can change the content of the pdf after the signature has been added and saved.

Note: The program will remember your signature. You will have it as an option next time you need to sign a form.  

Additionally, the person receiving the document can use any PDF reader to sign documents - they do NOT have to have Adobe. They also can sign using smart devices such as tablets, iPads and iPhones.

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