How to change the default printer in Windows


Due to some necessary changes to our infrastructure, our print server has migrated to a new location. Previously the university printers were located on ITS-Hood. They will now be found on ITS-Eastland. This change will require end-users to adjust the default printer. 


  1. The first step is to open your Printers & Scanners settings window.  

    • Type printers into the search bar located on the bottom left side of your desktop in the taskbar, and press the Enter key.


  1. From the Printers & scanners window, complete the following steps: 

    •  locate Let Windows manage my default print ensure it is set to the off position. Depending on your version of Windows, it may look like one of the images below: 

    • Ensure this setting is set to the off position or that the box is unselected 

      • Changing this setting will allow you to choose your printer of choice as your default printer.  

    • After this setting has been changed, from the printers list, find the printer you intend to use most frequently and left-click once on that printer, then click on Manage. The new default print must be associated with ITS-Eastland.



  1. From the Manage your device window, click on the Set as default.

    • If the default printer was \\ITS-Hood\Advm-Silver, you would now choose \\ITS-Eastland\Advm-Silver

  1. The printer should now be set as your default printer. Ensure it is listed as the default

If you use a Lanier Printer, here are the additional steps to add the code:  


  1. While still in the Printers & Scanners window, locate the Lanier printer/scanner/copier device icon associated with ITS-Eastland (i.e., ITS-Simba on ITS-Eastland).  

  2. Using the mouse, left-click Manage.



  1. Next, select choose Printing preferences

  2. Next, select the  Detailed Settings tab

  3. Next, select Job Setup

  4. In Job Setup, locate a field labeled User Code. 

  5. In that field, type in your department’s user code (the same code used to login to Lanier device for scanning or copying documents).






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