Project Change Process


A Change Request Form is required when a change is being requested for something documented and signed off on in the original project charter. 

Identifying Change 

A change usually results from: 

  • Additional resources (e.g., people or funds) being required
  • A change to a clearly outlined deliverable 
  • An extension of the original project deadline
  • The adjustment of a milestone 

Size of a Change 

Once the change request form has been submitted, the PMO will be reviewed and classified as a minor or major change according to its impact. 

Minor change criteria: 

  • One ITS department will be impacted
  • Less than 8 hours of additional time needed
  • The project may be delayed or put on hold

Major change criteria: 

  • Two or more departments will be impacted
  • More than 8 hours of additional resource time needed
  • May cause other projects to be left on hold or not completed on time
  • Additional funds required
  • Change to the end date of the project
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