Project Request Process

What is a Project?

When determining if something is a project, we look at a variety of criteria. If the work meets just one of the below criteria it is considered a project. Please look at a list of criteria below. If you have additional questions please take the project quiz to find out more: 

Impacts multiple departments

Software will be installed Technology in a computer lab
Technology in a classroom

Sharing information or content with other systems

Students Impacted

Updated Guidelines for Enterprise Projects:


Getting Started

To better serve your technology needs, the Project Management Office needs to be informed of your project from the very beginning.

If you are not sure if your request constitutes a project, proceed to Step 1(~2 min)

Step 1:   

If are ready to submit your request, proceed to Step 2 (~5 min)

Step 2:  

Next Steps



  1. What is NOT considered a project?

    • Issues with your computer or other devices
    • Printer issues
    • Password issues
    • Problems gaining access to the wireless network
  2. When do I submit an IT project request?
    • When you first discover the work needs to be completed, you can submit a project request at any time during the year.  Please take the Quiz to find out if your request constitutes an IT project.  If in doubt, please reach out to the ITS Business Analyst, Letty Fuentes.
  3. When is the deadline to submit an IT project request?
    • There is no deadline to submit an IT project request.  A request can be submitted at any time of the year.  However, if funding is required from Trinity, there is a deadline. Please contact the ITS Business Analyst for more information. 
  4. When will I find out if I project request was approved for funding?
    • After the project has traversed the process of getting approved for funding, IT is notified. At this time, the ITS Business Analyst will notify the project requestors of funding approval.
  5.  My department will fund the project, do I still need to request an IT project and get a project charter?
    • Yes, IT receives many requests from the entire campus and in order to better allocate our resources, we need to plan to help you implement the project.  Planning can only occur if we know the full scope of the project, therefore, a project charter is still needed.

Getting Help

If you have questions about the ITS Project Management Office or whether your project request fits these parameters, please complete a project request and someone will reach out to you to answer your questions.

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