FAQ from the Faculty

Sharing Files on Zoom

Once in a meeting, navigate to the toolbar along the bottom of the Zoom window and select Chat. The chat box should appear to the right-hand side of your screen and you will see a button called File. Once you select File, you will then be able to choose a file on your computer to send to an individual or to everyone in the Zoom session. 


Q: A student of mine just asked how he was supposed to access Zoom.  Would it be the same way I do?  Will he see my class in his Meeting menu?

A: He will not see your meeting in his Meetings page as you do. You will have to send him the meeting information from the Copy Meeting Invitation button after you have created the meeting. You have to take that information from Zoom and send it to the participants either through email or by posting on TLearn. Zoom will not send anything for you. Once your student has that information, they should click on the link and they will be able to access it. 


Q: The way to invite my students is to copy the meeting invitation and then email it to them?

A: Yes, you are not able to send them the invitation through Zoom. You must copy it out of Zoom and send it to the participants. 


Q: I noticed that once I sent an invitation to students, I received a few emails informing me that a particular student is waiting. I assume this means the student has seen an invitation and I don’t need to do anything else.

A: Yes, if this happens before your meeting, it means that they have clicked on the link that you have sent them-probably out of courtesy. 

Disable participants from unmuting themselves

A: Once you are in the meeting, you are able to disable participants from unmuting themselves in the meeting. This can be helpful to ensure there are no vocal disruptions. You can do this by Clicking on the Manage Participants tool on the bottom toolbar. Then, navigate to the more button which will be located at the bottom on the participants menu on the right-hand side. Here you will see a checkmark next to Allow participants to unmute themselves. If you uncheck this, only the host and co-hosts are able to unmute participants. 

Logging In

Q: The Zoom client log-in is different from the login from the Trinity page, correct?  

A: Yes you want to go to Trinity.zoom.us and log in through that on the browser and Log in with SSO on the Desktop, phone, and tablet app. 

Virtual Backgrounds

Q: How can I set a backdrop?

A; You will do this once you are in the meeting. Navigate down to where you would turn your camera on and off in the lower left-hand corner and select the ^ character next to the camera icon. Once there you will see Virtual Background. After selecting that, you will see the ones that are already available to you as well as a plus sign to add your own. here you can upload an image of your choice and select it as the background. 


Q: VB seems locked, can I unlock it?

A: Zoom admins have locked it on so that everyone has access to use it. VB’s can only be added once you are IN a meeting. 


Q: Virtual Backgrounds not working on my iPhone
A: Your iphone must be and 8 or higher

Time, Date, and Duration

Q: Is there a way to set the meeting times to Monday, Wed, Friday? Or should I just set the meeting invite daily? Or make 3 different weekly invites, one for each of the three days of class?

A; Yes. To set the course for MWF you will navigate to the date and time and select the Recurring meeting checkbox under the time zone. Then, select Daily so that you can see the drop-down items below it and navigate to weekly. Here you will be able to select additional days and determine how many occurrences you will have. 

Q: Can I create bi-weekly meetings in zoom?

A: Yes. Under reoccurring, selecting Weekly for the occurrences for twice a month, change the Repeat Every to the #2 and or twice a week, select the Occurs on weekdays that you want it to occur on.


Q: I am trying to figure out how to see all participants on a single screen, instead of scrolled across the top.  

A: First, join your meeting. Once there are participants in your meeting, navigate to the upper right-hand corner. You will see a button that says Speaker View or Gallery View. You want it to be on Gallery View so that you are able to see all of the participants on the screen in front of you (like the Brady Bunch) 


Q: If one student appears large on the screen whereas all the others are in small squares, how do I minimize the large student to being just like the rest or is that possible?

A: I would utilize the Gallery view option in the upper right-hand spot of your screen. it is a very small button but it puts the students into the "Brady Bunch" view which is easier to manage/see. Also, the student that is being seen "large" is because they most likely were the last "active speaker" other than yourself. In the speaker view, which is the other view outside of Gallery View, the active speaker is always the largest unless someone is sharing their screen. 


Q: I want to be able to schedule Zoom meetings directly from my calendar. How can I do that?

A: Once you have logged into zoom, navigate to the Profile button on the left-hand side of your screen. Here you will want to scroll towards the bottom until you see Calendar and Contact Integration. Here you will select Connect to Calendar. Once you do that, you will follow the authentication steps to connect it to your calendar. After you have made it back to your Zoom profile page again, navigate out to your calendar and make sure that the integration has worked properly. Video Tutorial 


Q: Once a zoom meeting is over, is there any way where I can go back to view what was recorded?

A: If the meeting was recorded the host has the ability to review the meeting. If the host recorded it to the cloud, they would navigate to the recordings tab on the browser which will be on the left side of the screen. From there, they will locate the meeting they would like to review the recording of and select it.   From there they are able to view and download as well as share the recording. If the video was recorded to the computer, the host will want to go to their documents folder and look for the Zoom folder. From there, locate the date and time of the meeting and see the files in that folder. 


Q: Do the students see the recordings automatically from our classes or do I have to post them (make them available)?

A: You will need to send them the link to the video. 

Navigate to your recordings tab in the browser and then look for the recording you want to share. Using the share button you will be given an invitation to send out via email or post in your TLearn course and then your students will be able to review the recording.


Q: In terms of sharing recordings, does publicly mean just about anyone, not just students

A: publicly means anyone that has access to the link can view the recording.


Q; Do these recordings stay on the cloud forever?

A: They are kept for 2 years and then Zoom removes them. It does send you an email notification letting you know that they are deleting your recording. 


Q: what you recommend in terms of how I should save videos if I want to keep them beyond 2 years?

A: If you plan to use your recordings again down the line, I would download them and put them in a Google Drive Folder. 

Authenticated Users

Q; what do authenticated users mean?

A: Authenticated users require anyone who views your view to have signed up for a Zoom account and they must be signed in at the time to watch the video. 


Q: How do I get my attendance from Zoom?

A: In the browser, navigate to Reports on the lefthand side of your screen. Click on Usage and then locate the meeting in which you need the attendee list. Navigate over to the participant column and click on the number that is associated with your meeting. Once there you will see all those who joined that meeting as well as what time they entered and left the meeting. This can be exported using the Export button at the top of the screen. 


Q: How long do reports stay in Zoom?

A: 30 Days and then they are removed by Zoom


Q: Will Zoom take attendance even if I do not record my meeting?

A: Yes, it reports on the meeting even if it is not recorded. 


Editing Meetings/Waiting Rooms for Attendees

Q: How can I allow students to automatically join the session instead of me admitting them manually all the time?

A: If you are having to admit students individually, then you most likely have the Enable waiting room option, found under Meeting Options turned on. You will want to turn that off for your meeting. You can edit your current meeting in the browser by selecting the title of the meeting and then navigating to the bottom of your screen where you will see edit. 

Sharing Screen

Q: I went to share my screen and the PowerPoint I want to show isn’t’ there.

A: It is important to have the PowerPoint open and NOT minimized on your desktop. Once you have done that, cancel the sharing box and reopen it and you will see the PowerPoint appear. 


Q: How do I share more than one thing at a time.

A: Share your desktop so that you have more than one document open.


Q: I want someone else to share during my meeting. How do I do that? It said I need to give them permissions? 

A: Once logged into the meeting, find the individual that you would like to have sharing permissions under your Manage Participants tool on your bottom toolbar and select the more option next to their name. Then select Make a Co-Host. This will allow them the ability to share their screen. 


Q: Sometimes, students' images appear on the screen; however, I would like only mine to appear while lecturing. How can I make sure that I am not seeing different people's names/ images?

A: If you are sharing your screen, your presentation will take over your screen, so that is one way. Additionally, if you are speaking and everyone else is muted, you will be the "active speaker" on their screen so they will only see small images of others at the meeting. 

The only way to not have the pictures really be shown is by asking them to turn their cameras off (using the camera and the bottom left-hand side) and or just having an audio call rather than video and audio.

Webinar Feature

Q: If we are holding a large class where students will not be sharing their screens, would we be better off to use the Zoom Webinar rather than Meeting format?  

A: The Webinar feature is a limited licensed product so we are unable to license that out to all faculty at this time.


Q: Are the students not listed as contacts? Under 'company contacts,' only staff/faculty names seem to come up.

A: The only people that you are seeing there are those who have authenticated their accounts using that website. Students will need to register their accounts with Trinity.zoom.us first. If they have a free zoom account, it will ask them if they would like to merge the accounts and the answer is yes. They will not lose any of the things from their free account but rather gain all of the extra features. 

Meeting Information

Q: Is there a way the participants can see all of their meetings at the same time to be able to not have to search their emails for the links every time?

A: Students/participants are not able to see meetings that are scheduled by someone else. They will only see the meetings they schedule for themselves in the Meetings Tab. So, yes they have a meetings tab like we, Staff/Faculty, do but they only see the meetings that they create not the meetings we invite them to.

Recommendation: Create Google Calendar placeholders for when their courses are with the meeting information in it. That way they know they can always go to their calendar and find the correct information there. Also, Faculty can post the links to the Zoom meetings on their courses on TLearn.

Closed Captioning

Q: There was so much to learn, though, that I think I missed how to access the closed captioning. I press record, and then for closed captioning it says that I can either ask a student to do it, have myself do it, or find a third party to do it. Do we have a third-party contracted with the University? Or am I not seeing all the options? 

A: So Zoom creates an audio transcript with every recording it makes. That can be found under the recordings tab on the left side of your browser window in Zoom. once you find the recording you are looking for, click on the name of the recording and then you will see the recording files along with the transcript. The university is not working with any other 3rd party at this time to provide actual closed captioning. The transcript is all we have to offer. 


Q: Do we have someone on staff that can do CC

A: Zoom does not have built in CC that automatically does it. We do not have a third party for this either so if you need CC in the meeting, someone will need to manually do it. One thing that is helpful is that if you are recording the session, you will get an audio transcript along with it so everything said while the recording is happening will be transcribed after. 


Q: How do I access the chat record from a previous meeting? 

A:It will download it to your computer in a file called Zoom that will be located in your documents folder on your computer. Additionally, if you recorded the meeting, a TXT file will be saves along with the recording that has the chat information in it.

Scheduling on Behalf of Someone

Zoom allows you to schedule on behalf of someone. To get this setup, the person that would like to have someone else schedule for them will need to complete the following steps. 

1. Log into zoom on the browser (trinity.zoom.us)

2. Navigate to Settings on the left-hand side of the screen

3. Scroll to the very bottom of the settings page

4. Locate Schedule Privilege

5. Select the + next to Assign scheduling privilege to

6. Type in the email address of the person you would like to have schedule your meetings on your behalf

7.  Save

As the person that is able to schedule on behalf of someone, when you are creating a meeting, you will see Schedule For as an option under the Date and Duration section. Here you will select the individual you are creating this meeting for. 

International Calling Codes

Q: The country my student needs to call into is not listed on the calling list. What do I do? 

A: Robert Miller can reach out to Zoom about the country in question. **As a reminder, call-in numbers are only for those individuals whose computer audio does not work for some reason

How To Share Audio in a Zoom meeting

Q: How do I share my Audio from a video or youtube with my meeting participants

A: Share Audio in Zoom to Meeting participants 

To add in meeting password to recurring meeting

Q: How do I add a password to a meeting i already have established

A:  Add Password to recurring meetings

New Meeting features in ZOOM

Q: What is that new feature in ZOOM app

A: New in meeting features ZOOM 4/8/20

Breakout Rooms

Q: How do I setup Breakout room?

A: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206476313-Managing-Video-Breakout-Rooms

Polling - In Depth info

First, there are two ways that you can set polls up, ahead of time through the browser (trinity.zoom.us) and during a meeting as a Host or Co-Host. Polls can't be created in the Zoom Desktop App ahead of time, only in the browser. 

Additionally, the Zoom admins have Polling locked ON in the settings so that no one mistakenly turns it off and then can't use the feature. We saw this happening a lot at the beginning of the transition on online learning so the feature then was locked in the ON position.  

Creating Polls in the Browser:

After logging in at trinity.zoom.us you will want to navigate to a meeting you have already created or create a new meeting. 

--If you are navigating to an existing meeting, select the Meetings tab on the left-hand side of your screen then simply select the name of the meeting you are wishing to add a poll to. At the very bottom of that meeting's page, you will see a box that says You have not created any poll yet and to the right, an Add button. Once you select Add, you can begin creating your poll. You are able to have up to 10 Poll questions with up to 10 answers for each question.

--If you are creating a new meeting, follow the normal steps to create the meeting and once you have selected Save, you will then scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see the box that says You have not created any poll yet and to the right, an Add button.

Creating Polls in a Meeting as a Host/Co-host

After logging into your meeting, you will navigate down the bottom toolbar where you will find a Polling button. Once you select that button, a box will appear for you to begin creating your Poll. When you select Add a Question, you will be taken to a browser window where you will add in your questions and answers which, once you select Save, will be added to your meeting. Once again, you have 10 questions that you are able to ask with up to 10 answers for each. 

Launching a Poll during a meeting

It doesn't matter if you have set the poll up ahead of time or in the meeting, you will launch a poll the same way. 

--Navigate down the bottom toolbar where you will find a Polling button. Once selected you will see a button that says Launch. When you launch your poll, it sends it to all those who are participating in your meeting. You as the host and any Co-hosts you may have are not able to vote in the poll. 

**You are not able to select certain people to take the poll. It is all or none. 

When launching questions, you will launch them one at a time. If you have 10 poll questions set up, you will have to select and launch each of them as you want them to appear. They will not roll through, one after another. 


--Once you have ended the Poll, you will be able to share the results with the participants. however, as they are being collected, results are shown to the Host and Co-host in real-time. Once and if you share the results with the participants, the Host and Co-host see but the percentage and the actual number of votes being cast, however, the participants will only be able to see a percentage. 

--An additional way of locating the Poll results is by navigating back to the browser and select the Meetings tab on the left-hand side of your screen. Then simply select the name of the meeting you are wishing to view poll information for. At the very bottom of that meetings page, you will see a box that says how many polls you created and will have the information about the poll such as who responded (by person and or if they responded anonymously) and the response totals. 

Here is also a short video about Polling from the Zoom website that you might also find helpful.



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