Google 2-Step Verification

Trinity University strongly encourages that you use Google 2-Step Verification for all Tmail/Trinity Google accounts in accordance with the revised Information Security Policy.

There have been many phishing attacks recently, many of which are convincing and successful. Such attacks that go after credentials like account passwords expose individual accounts and the entire campus to risk. Add a second security layer beyond a simple password is an essential step in safeguarding Trinity accounts and information resources going forward.

Enabling 2-Step Verification on your Google account will add an extra layer of security via a sign-in code. For example, after you type in your password you will also need to provide a code that has been sent to your mobile phone or computer. Even if a hacker manages to crack your password, they won't be able to access your account without access to that unique code.

Google will prompt for this second piece of login information upon first logging into your account on a computer or device and then approximately once every 30 days thereafter. If you change browsers or if Google thinks the activity is suspicious you will be prompted to enter the code again.


Trinity faculty, staff, and students

Getting Started

To enable Google 2-Step Verification on your account, follow these instructions:

Directly enroll by following the steps Google provides.

  • Simply click the blue "Get Started" button and sign into your Tmail account (ending in, not a personal account)
  • Reminder: Set up several alternative or backup methods for receiving the verification code

2 Step Verification


  1. Log into your Tmail account
  2. Click on the Tmail icon (with your account photo or a letter) in the top right corner of the Tmail inbox screen:

    My Account button
  3. Click the blue Google Account button

Click the Signing in to Google link found under "Sign-in & security":

Signing into Google link



  1. Click "2-Step Verification" (on the right) and the follow the steps to opt-in and activate 2-Step Verification for your Tmail account

    2-Step Verification link
  2. Reminder: Set up a second way to retrieve the code and at least one alternative step in case you cannot use your mobile phone to receive the code in a text

Getting Help

If you have questions about setting up or using Google 2-Step Verification for your Trinity Google account, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at or x7409.




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