Production Price List

ITS offers many services, some of which will incur a fee depending on the requester status, the specific project request, and the timing. Please carefully read all details before submitting your production or digital support request to us.

NOTE: Be aware that submitting an online request does NOT mean that your request has been accepted. We try to accommodate all requests, but sometimes time, venue, or equipment constraints mean that we will have to turn down a request. You will receive a confirmation from us when your request has been approved. 


Trinity faculty and staff, Trinity departments or TU-affiliated groups

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Audio & Video Services

Live Video Recording - Trinity Departments


On Campus: Time billed will include set-up and take-down time. Minimum is 1 HOUR recording time per job. The listed price does NOT include media or editing/post-production charges.

  Classroom Non-Classroom
Weekdays 8am - 5pm no charge $30/hr
All other times $30/hr $60/hr

Off Campus in San Antonio: Time billed will include set-up, take-down, and travel time. Minimum is 1 HOUR recording time per job. Any job located outside San Antonio requires prior approval by the Director of Technology Support. The listed price does NOT include media or editing/post-production charges. Current University mileage charge will be added to the final bill.

  Classroom Non-Classroom
Weekdays 8am-5pm $20/hr $40/hr
All other times $40/hr $70/hr

Live Video Recording - External Groups

This on-campus service is only available for groups associated with Trinity in some way and only on a time/equipment-permitting basis - work for Trinity faculty and staff will always take precedence. Price for the first hour includes up to 1 hour of set-up and take-down time as well as 1 hr of the actual recording. If more than one hour is needed, the additional time will be billed at $100/hr. The listed price does NOT include media charges.

Please note that ITS does NOT do off-campus work for off-campus groups.

1st hour $200
Subsequent hours $100

Live Audio Recording

Time billed will include set-up and take-down time. Price listed does not include media.

  Classroom Non-Classroom
Weekdays 8am-5pm no charge $20/hr
All other times $10/hr $30/hr

One-to-One Video or Audio Dubbing

For straight dubbing - no editing, operator, or monitoring. Each recorder start is considered one dub. Price listed does not include media.

Class $5 per dub
Non-Class $15 per dub

Photography Services

ITS can provide limited on-campus location shooting for certain types of jobs. Please contact Pat Ullmann at x7351 to discuss any photographic needs.

Digital Support Services

Includes any video and audio editing, digital graphics, and digital photography. Minimum is 1 HOUR for any labor charges, with subsequent time billed in 30-minute increments. 

Class no charge
Non-Class $20/hr


Trinity Use

There is no charge for conferencing services as long as it's for a University-related use. This is available for Trinity departments, classes, faculty, and staff and can be requested through our online form.

External Groups

Any group requesting use of ITS videoconferencing rooms and equipment must be affiliated with the University. There will be a charge of $200 for the first hour and $100 per additional hour. Available on time/equipment-permitting basis only - use by University personnel will always take precedence.

> Complete information on video conferencing services

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