Manufacturer Discounts

Students and educators benefit from special discounts by purchasing personal devices or services directly from certain manufacturers. Trinity University does not sell technology directly, but you can take advantage of these discounts when shopping for your personal needs.


Trinity faculty, staff, and students

Apple Store

Special education pricing is available to students, faculty, or staff by shopping at the Apple Store.


Trinity University is a participant of the Dell University Program, which offers a discount on all personal Dell purchases for Trinity faculty, staff, and students. To access this special pricing shop online using this link. If you encounter any difficulties, call 1.800.695.8133 or use the online chat feature. You may be asked to provide Trinity's Member ID: US121910819.

Discounted Dell Machines can also be purchased through their outlet, which has options for both work and home machines. 


Trinity University employees and students can also benefit from a savings program for personal AT&T wireless service. Use the link to enter your Tmail address.




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