Wifi Access: TUGuest

Trinity University offers wireless access for guests.


If you are a member of the Trinity Community and would like information on how to log into our Internet please click here. 


TUGuest is for all campus visitors and those who do not yet have TU Network credentials. Guests can create temporary accounts which will allow them immediate access to the internet. 

  1. Choose TUGuest from the list of available wireless networks on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Once connected, launch a browser window. 
  3. Choose Create Login
  4. Enter your email address and click Submit
  5. Make a note of the password given to you. Your username will be the email address you entered. Click Ok when done. 
  6. Sign in using your email address and the 4-character password provided in the previous step. 
  7. A "Web Authentication" window will appear to confirm your login was successful. You are now free to use the campus wifi network.

Note: Your guest wifi account will remain active for 24 hours. If you need additional time, just create another guest account by repeating the above steps.




Service ID: 14043
Fri 7/15/16 3:39 PM
Thu 9/2/21 8:48 AM