Philo IPTV

*HBO-Go is no longer available

Philo is an IPTV solution that provides TV access to faculty, staff, and students on computers, tablet, TVs, and smartphones. On-campus residents can watch live TV and record shows to watch at a later time using Philo.


Trinity faculty, staff, and students

Getting Started

To set up Philo IPTV, first make sure you're connected to the Trinity network and then go to You should have an email* that includes your Philo username (your Tmail address) and a temporary password. Use these credentials to log in the first time, then immediately change your password to something secure. Philo also has an Android and iOS app available.

*If you cannot locate this email about Philo, go to and request a password reset from Philo.

Getting Help

If you have a question about Philo or HBO Go, please contact us at



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