Accessing Voicemail 

  • Press the Messages button. Follow the directions given by Unity. 

Use the Messages button on your phone to access Unity. 

Call Unity and Log-on                                                                      Key
To hear a new message 1
Sending a message 2
Reviewing a message 3
Setup options 4


Key to Press after a Message                                                        Key
To delete a message 3
To reply to a message 4
To forward a message 5
To mark a message as new 6
To deliver to a fax machine 8
To hear a message summary 9


Keys to Press During a Message                                                   Key
To repeat a message 1
To save the message  2
To delete the message 3
To change the volume 5
To reverse a message 7
To pause/continue a message 8
To fast forward a message 9


Shortcuts for Mailbox Options                                                      Key
To change your greeting 4-1-1
To change call transfer 4-1-2
To change message notification 4-2-1
To access full or brief menus 4-2-3
To change password 4-3-1
To change recorded name 4-3-2
To change directory listing status 4-3-3
To record and alternate greeting  4-1-1-2-1
To switch from standard greeting to alternate greeting 4-1-1-2-2
To switch back to your standard greeting 4-1-1-2-2


Tips                                                                                                         Key
For the Trinity University Operator           0
To cancel or back up  *
To skip or move ahead #


Accessing Voice Mail Messages from off Campus                Key
Local callers dial 999-8888
Long distance callers dial 1-210-999-8888


  • Enter your ID (Your office extension) followed by the # key. 
  • Enter your password followed by the # key. 


Service ID: 12506
Thu 3/3/16 3:50 PM
Tue 8/17/21 9:16 AM