Answering and Ending Call

Answering a Call

Answer with headset 

  • Press Headset button, if unlit. 
  • If Headset button is already lit, press Answer or flashing Line button.

Switch from a connected call to answer a ringing call

  • Press Answer or flashing Line button. This automatically places the first call on hold. 

Ending a Call 

Hang up while using the handset 

  • Return the handset to the cradle or press End Call

Hang up while using the headset

  • Press Headset button, if lit. To keep headset mode activated, press End Call. 

Hang up while using the speakerphone 

  • Press Speakerphone or End Call. 

Hang up one call while preserving another call on the same line

  • Press End Call. If necessary, remove the call from hold first. 


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