Placing a call

Dial on-hook 

  • As you begin to enter a number, the AutoDial feature may pop-up and display matching phone numbers, if available, from your placed Calls log. 
  • Pressing the Navigation button to access and choose phone numbers from your Placed Calls log. 

To place the call, do one of the following to go off-hook: 

  • Lift the handset 
  • Press the Speaker button or Headset button. 
  • Press Dial.
  • Press a Line button. 
  • Press the number on the touchscreen that you have just entered. 

Dial using the speakerphone 

  • Press New Call and enter a phone number, ot you can press the Speaker button before or after dialing, redialing or speed dialing a number. 
  • Many of the actions you can take to dial a number will automatically trigger speakerphone mode, assuming the handset is in its cradle and the Headset button is not lit. These actions include: pressing Redial, a speed-dial number or a phone number on the touchscreen. 

Redial the most recently dialed number 

  • Press Redial. By default, Redial uses your primary line. However, you can open a secondary line by pressing a Line button and then pressing Redial. 

 To speed dial a number 

  • Press a Speed Dial button before or after going off-hook. 

Dial from a call log 

  • Press Directories button > Missed Calls, Received Calls, or Placed Calls. To dial from a listing press the number or scroll to it and go off-hook. 
  • To add a prefix or other digits to the number before dialing, press Edit Dial. 

Dial from a corporate directory 

  • Press Directories button > Corporate Directory (exact name may be different). Search for a listing in the directory by using the keypad to enter letters. (You may search using a partial name). To dial from a listing, press it or scroll to it and go off-hook. 

Place a call while another call is active 

  • Press Hold > New Call, then dial, redial or speed dial a number. 

Dial on a secondary line 

  • Before or after dialing a number, press the Line button for the line you want to use. 


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