Tmail: Turn on 2-Step Verification

  1. Go to Google Accounts: Sign in.


  1. (a) Enter your Tmail address. (b) Click Next


  1. (a) Enter your password. (b) Click Next. 


  1. On the left menu, click on Security. 


  1. In the Signing in to Google section, click on 2-Step Verification


  1. In the next screen, Protect your account with 2-Step verification, click on Get Started


  1. You will need to verify your account; in the next screen, (a) enter your password, and (b) click on Next


  1. (a) Enter your phone number, (b) select if you would like to use “Text message” or “Phone call,” and when done selecting (c) click on Next


  1. You will receive a verification code on your phone, (a) enter the code, and (b) click on Next


  1. You will receive a confirmation screen; click on TURN ON


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Fri 9/23/22 12:38 PM
Fri 9/23/22 12:38 PM