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Trinity uses a Cisco Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system for all on-campus voice communications, including the phones found in campus offices. These phones can be used to call on-campus numbers by simply dialing the four-digit extension number and also act as campus-wide notification systems in the case of emergencies.


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Cisco IP Phone 8851

Cisco 8851 Visual Button Guide

The Cisco 7960 phone pool is being phased out over time and replaced with the Cisco 8851 model. You will receive a printed single-page guide for this phone with the phone itself, but you can also download a digital version of the instruction sheet by clicking the file on the right side of this page.

Cisco IP Phone 7960

The red light on your hand set blinks with an incoming call and stays lit when you have a voice message. To place a call, use one of several options to go off-hook before or after dialing a number. 

VoIP Phones FAQ

How do I transfer a call directly to someone's voicemail? 

While on the line with the caller, press the button below Transfer. Then dial 3 + the extension and then immediately hit the button below Transfer again. 

How do I set up speed dialing? 

You cannot. Unfortunately, at this time, you are not able to program speed dial numbers on your phone. 

How do I pick up a call to someone else's phone, from my phone? 

To pick up a call to another phone on your own phone, a Call Pickup Group must be created. Departmental Secretaries should contact  ITS at ITSupport@trinity.edu to set up a Call Pickup Group.

How do I place a call on hold?

While on the line with a caller, press the button below Hold.  

What if someone else calls me while I'm on the phone? Can I answer it? 

Yes. By default, each phone can receive up to four calls at one time. If you receive a call while on the phone, the call will be displayed on the screen. Simply press the button below Answer. The first caller is automatically placed on hold. To return to the previous caller, simply selected the call on the screen and press the button below Resume. 

How do I make my incoming calls forward directly to my voicemail (or to another phone number)? 

Press the button below Call Forward All, (the phone will beep twice) then key in the phone number you want the calls forwarded to (the phone will beep once). Calls will now be forwarded to the number entered. (To forward them directly to your own voicemail, enter your own extension). 

How do I skip through all the voice prompts when I'm trying to leave someone a message or retrieve messages? 

You can skip through many of the voice prompts by pressing the # key (please note that when your mailbox is full, you will not be able to skip voice prompts) 

I would like for calls to my phone to be sent to voicemail after the sixth ring instead of the fourth. How do I set that up? 

Contact the ITS HelpDesk at helpdesk@trinity.edu to submit a request to have the number of rings before voicemail changed for your phone. 

Why doesn't hitting the redial button for a missed call work? 

It actually does work. Since 9 must be dialed to reach an outside line, press the button under Redial only works when redialing an on-campus extension. To use redial for an off-campus number, highlight the number in your call log and press the button under Edit Dial. Now use the buttons under the arrows and the keypad to place a 9 in front and press the button under Dial. 

Sometimes when I think I've hung up my phone, it's not all the way on the cradle. Why does it do that? 

There is a lip on the phone hook designed to hold the phone in place when it has been wall-mounted. By default, the lip is turned out in this way on all new phones. For phones which are not wall-mounted, pull the tab directly under the receiver upwards. It will snap up and come off. Turn it upside-down and slide it back down until it clicks into place.

How do I change the ringtone on my phone? 

Push the Settings button. Using the arrow button, scroll down to Ring Type and press the button below Select. Now, scroll down to your phone extension and press the button under Select again. 

Can I access more ringtones? 

No. At this time, you are limited to the 7 installed ringtones. More ringtone options will be added in the future.

How do I set up a conference call? 

While on the phone with the first participant, press the button below Conference. Dial the number for the next participant. You can talk to this new participant and when you are ready to conference them in, press the button below Conference again. Repeat this process to the conference in more participants. 

What's my phone number? How do I find someone else's phone number? 
  1. Press the Directories button. 
  2. Scroll down to Campus Directory.
  3. Press the far-left button, under Select. 
  4. Use the keypad to enter a name and press the far-left button again under Search.


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